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We are an official non-profit association of volunteers who is not linked to any other organisation, but we are working together with organisations to make the life of the dogs and cats a little better and try to find a good home in Portugal or abroad in the Netherlands, Germany and Great-Britain. We are trying to give a better life to the dogs of the Canil de Portimao by walking, grooming and training them and take them to foster homes or our own to prepare them for adoption. Also we are raising money to give medication to the sick dogs and cats and to sterilize the animals. We are targeting on the ex-pats, that is why this website is in English.

Official name : Associacao dos Amigos do Canil de Portimao

NIF: 510 178 057

Board members : Patricia de Nieuwe, Karin Verhoeven and Eng. Cornelis Numan

Our lawyer: Dra. Isabel Serrano, Portimao

Bank : BPI Lagoa NIB : 0010 0000 4780 9000 0010 8 (for national Portuguese transfers)

IBAN : PT50 0010 0000 4780 9000 0010 8 (for international transfers)


If you like to make a donation, we can give you a form for tax deduction; please contact us if you need this form. Any donation you can make is highly appreciated, we can do so much for the animals with your support! We hope that you visit us regularly; in the meantime if you like to contact us, please send a message through CONTACTS.

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