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breed: Cross Mountain Dog gender: male
weight: 42 kg size: large (from 25kg)

Oscar is a cross GS and Mountain Dog. We put his age at 4 to 5 years and his weight now is 43 kg, but to be at his best he needs another 3 kg. He was surrendered to us by his owner, who told us he was bitten by him. We have him for 3 months now, put our face and arms inside his face without any problem what-so-ever, so we think it was just an easy way out for his previous owner. He also came in with tremendous hairloss on his back, but after we treated him richt away, 85 % of his fur is back again. He walks great on the lead and likes people, but because he is so big and strong, we think he needs a person who knows how to handle big dogs. We think, just to be sure, it is better not to place him in ahouse with children under 12 years of age. He is just a big bear with lots of love to give!

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